Ft. Lauderdale, FL – June 23,2022 – Senzary,  a leading solution provider leveraging LoRaWAN® innovative technologies for IoT deployment, won the T-Mobile Best in Production Growth award last week at the #TechSuperShow in Ft. Lauderdale.

CEO, Eric Schummer, presented Senzary’s RotaryIQ success case with CORPACERO S.A.S., a steel plant in Colombia. They had a vital gearbox loosely coupled with a lamination train axis, a defect detected by our RotaryIQ Predictive Maintenance solution. Rotary IQ is a pre-designed solution that connects to machines and power panels without any integration. It provides early problem indications by monitoring vibrations, ultrasound, and anomalies.

This was possible through the integration between Senzary and Asystom vibration and ultrasound sensors and automated diagnostic solution, which is unique of its kind. We paired this with WATTECO sensors on other machines for edge intelligence and anomaly detection, which helped in creating a 360 perspective between all the machines. Senzary is the exclusive master distributor of Asystom and Watteco in the USA and LATAM.

Because of the early detection, the issue was fixed quickly and with minimal backup, saving thousands of dollars in repairs and business continuity. The plant resumed normal operation in one day.

Senzary is proud of this achievement and hopes that this award sets a precedent for more success in the future.