When faced with the decision of building, buying and customizing, or simply buying and using a solution, Senzary is a company that offers refreshing out-of-the-box enterprise solutions. These solutions are best-of-class, proven, and inter-operable, solving problems at the core with security and smart management across multiple departments in the enterprise. Most projects take only 90 days between approvals and roll-outs, saving valuable time. Whether you prefer cloud, hybrid, or on-premise solutions, Senzary has got you covered.   Our solutions address key aspects that can prevent your Company from succeeding in IoT:
1. Complexity of implementation and integration
2. Budget constraints
3. Missing capabilities within your organization
4. Inability to effectively utilize data
5. Inability to implement solutions securely and prevent cyber threats.
  We aim to bridge IT and OT departments, benefiting all involved.

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See our CEO Eric Schummer in an Interview withRich Tehrani at the IOT Evolution Expo in Florida

SKYSMART SOLUTIONS ALLIANCE for Airports 4.0 evolution


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CEO Eric Schummer in an Interview with Rich Tehrani at the IOT Evolution Expo in Florida 2022 Join us in February for #TECHSUPERSHOW2023

An update on Panama canal So2 Measurements

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with the Canal de Panamá in efforts to reduce their environmental impact through the power of sensors and Industry 4.0!


At SENZARY, we provide IoT wireless products and a diverse portfolio of services, and mature solutions to suit all customers’ needs. From asset-tracking and energy & water management solutions for airports, warehousing, hospitals, and industrial complexes, to ATEX and commercial-grade sensors for explosive environments  – our technology stack, secure and hyper-scalable, Uno-Edge-IoT device bridges both legacy and LoRaWAN to expand your sensing power.


Senzary’s Edge Devices and Hybrid Processing solutions provide businesses with the ability to easily deploy IOT  applications to any platform, including AZURE, AWS, in-premise or cloud. With our global coverage of LoRaWAN networks, customers can read sensors from anywhere in the world while Senzary takes care of the rest.


All forms of commercial and industrial Asset Tracking

Indoors and outdoors tracking: RTLS ( real-time location), Find your way, Presence, Passive Tracking, Precision tracking ( 0.3m) 

Real-Time processing

At the Edge and cloud-based Processing, calculations, rules, thresholds, and alarms or events generated instantaneously

Advanced Analytics and Machine learning included

On-demand ACCESS to Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning about your data.

Machine failure prevention technology

ONLY SOLUTION WITH AUTOMATED DIAGNOSTICS – Built-in Anomaly Detection technologies,  instantly available. Would it not be nice to learn beforehand when our machines will fail?  Now you can.  Quick to install, Wireless, and inexpensive.

NANOTRACK a Temperature Sensitive Supply Chain Solution

Our Nanotrack Service provides an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you visibility into your entire supply chain. You can track shipments as they move through the chain and view temperature data at any point in the journey. The system also alerts you when discrepancies or disruptions occur so you can take corrective action quickly. With Nanotrack, you can monitor and analyze multiple supply chains simultaneously with minimal effort. This allows you to make informed decisions about managing your supply chain while reducing risk and improving efficiency.

Not monitoring your supply chain potentially endangers your products and negatively impacts your reputation. With our sensors, you can have instant visibility and alert notifications about potential problems in real time so that you can take fast action and ensure your reputation remains intact. :

Its a Sticker !! thin as a waffer. Peel it and stick it, It will transmit temperature across the world.

Identify unexplained usage. Find waste.

Connect your assets to your business

Rapid ROI & guaranteed improvements

Gain control and understanding of where your supply chain temperature is out of range.

Operate from a single pane of glass

On the EDGE or on the CLOUD. Senzary is the only company to deliver any combination.


Our partners

Senzary is our go-to partner for IoT projects across our global offices. Their IoT and Ai platforms are integrated and can handle any scale. Their pre-designed solutions help deliver quick pilots, and their team is very knowledgeable with a great ability to connect to business outcomes and achieve quick results for our customers.
VP of digital Services COFORGE - www.coforge.com

VP of digital Services COFORGE - www.coforge.com

Coforge signs global partnership with Senzary
Senzary and Netser group USA have entered a joint venture to develop the Latin American market for IoT solutions. Netser Group USA is a premier IT and technical support and logistic operator with over 200 employees and operations, warehouses, and logistics in several countries. With this partnership, customers and integrators will be receiving premier customer support, local offices, and improved services. Netser Group has been supporting the corporate market by providing a wide portfolio of services in IT since 2001. With this partnership, Netser group will be able to provide its customers in the region with premier IoT services and solutions powered by SENZARY.com
CEO Netser Group USA

CEO Netser Group USA

Senzary and Netser Group USA sign joint venture for IOT in Latin-America and global support. https://www.netsergroup.com/
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Our Solutions: end to end SOLUTIONS implementation on the cloud or in-premise


Senzary Starter Kit

Innovating to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Meet the revolution

We are conscious about the challenge of new ways to do things. This is why we have created the “PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE EVALUATION KIT” ‘.

It’s a RISK-FREE OFFER  for qualified customers. It includes everything to connect  ONE or  TWO machines and 90 days of free services.  If you are not satisfied during the trial period, return the equipment for a full refund. 

We are so convinced that once a company recognizes the benefits and ROI, the real journey begins.

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