Discover how we use vibrations and ultrasounds to proactively monitor equipment health!

Join us in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the annual IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference from May 1st -5th, 2022! Visit the IAC International booth ( Booth 402/502) for a live demonstration of Senzary Smart industry RotaryIQ.

RotaryIQ is our turnkey, universal and autonomous predictive maintenance solution for industrial rotary equipment, including world-class sensors from Europe, NKE-WATTECO, and ASYSTOM!
Discover how we use temperature, vibrations, ultrasounds, and displacement to proactively monitor equipment health and control downtime, mitigate operational risks, enhance the safety of operations, and reduce maintenance costs. Our actionable insights and automated diagnostics can help reduce costs by up to 15% by predicting malfunctions such as motor failure, fan bearing breakage, and rolling mill cracks.

Stop by the IAC International booth to learn more! Let’s discuss your company’s goals and how Senzary and IAC international can help you achieve them.

With a compact form and in-device predictive analytics ( including FFT), Nke-Watteco BOB Assistant intelligent predictive maintenance sensor learns patterns and alerts about impending failure measuring vibrations, temperature and calculating anomaly index and prediction to failure. When coupled with the Senzary IoTLogIQ solution, BoB Assistant automates sending anomaly index, vibration, and failure and provides historical anomaly, operating efficiency, temperature, vibration, and FFT amplitude data.

Asystom, on the other hand, with its RUGGED and ATEX certified sensors, is the only predictive maintenance solution in the market today that provides a potential diagnosis of problems with your rotary or vibratory machines, including balancing and misalignments in axis, bearings, fans, or lubrication, foundation, gas leaks, and other common ailing issues invisible to the naked eye.

Asystom Sentinel sensors incorporate multi-sensor beacons with ultrasounds as a precursor of vibration, temperature, humidity, vibration, and three axial velocity acceleration. The unique proposition is based on innovative and AI-enabled dashboards and FFT analytics.

Learn more at: IAC-INTL Predictive_Maintenance Demonstration