Paris, France – June 28, 2022 – Senzary, a company focused on solving industrial problems and leveraging LoRaWAN innovative technologies for IoT deployment, to join Kerlink, a specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) in Paris, France for Kerlink Partner day on July 5th. This event is a workshop for distributors to learn from one another and network. Senzary CEO, Eric Schummer, will present the IoTLogIQ platform to Kerlink Global Partners and discuss how it empowers plug-and-play arrangements.

Kerlink and Senzary, have worked together to deliver a wireless-based, plug-and-play solution by integrating Kerlink gateways and Wanesy, with Senzary’s IoTLogIQ end-to-end services. Together, they provide crucial features for clients looking for a turnkey, professional solution, allowing them to focus on their business processes, and not on the technology.

Senzary’s plug-and-play solutions include RotaryIQ for predictive maintenance, PowerIQ for energy management, and water management with WaterIQ. Its end-to-end integration and pre-designed solutions allow for quick-to-market applications and pilots, enabling users to cost-effectively embrace the full potential of industry 4.0 solutions.

“Our partnership provides integrators and enterprise customers with a complete solution, from sensors and gateways to an IoT platform, analytics, and machine learning, as a single, on-demand solution that can be deployed as cloud-based, edge-based, or a hybrid system,” said Josic Thepaut, Americas Sales Manager at Kerlink. . “Upon installation, site owners and enterprise managers can quickly achieve maximum visibility into their equipment or processes, along with receiving predictive failure alarms and utilization reports, by simply adding more sensors over time.”

Benefits of this partnership include aggregated information for operations, early warning of equipment failure, and timely reaction to critical events. These benefits increase companies’ ability to plan for and reduce downtime more effectively and manage the supply chain intelligently based on preventive maintenance to avoid costly repairs.