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Ai component for IoT Platforms

InsightsIQ IoT Analytics is a high-speed component for streaming IoT and IIoT solutions that rapidly enables self-learning and self-correcting AI models right at the Edge or in the Cloud for predictive maintenance and resources optimization.

It/Ot System Integration

InsightsIQ Connect is a high-performance bus that enables reliable IT/OT system integration. InsightsIQ AI provides system integration services using InsightsIQ Connect independently or as a part of IT, OT and AI convergence.

Only 1% of IoT data is used for intelligent decision making

In order to build the Industry 4.0 world, the IoT revolution requires much more than just Machine Learning models maintained by humans.

Main Features

Enables reliable integration of different system into new business processes. It includes input, output and session interfaces via a library of protocols, state machines and rules engine.

Ai Enablement End-to-End

Analytics & event driven Ai

System Integration and Delivery

Support and Maintenance

Key features

Convergence of IT, OT, and AI.

Chemical researching.

Proprietary Fault-tolerant distributed hierarchical

In-Memory Database optimized for real-time feature extraction and IoT.

No expert data science skills required in 80% cases.

Real-time decision-making based on inference.

AutoML technology with fast hyper-parameters

optimization and pipeline selection.

Model self-retraining without a human.

Scalability and fault-tolerance.

ML model training and inference at the Edge with zero Cloud.


InsightsIQ components are loosely coupled and reusable. They can be used independently in different solutions. Performance and reliability of the components are proven over multiple live deployments in performance critical environments with high service availability requirements.
Reference deployments: *The components serve or served performance critical solutions for Telenor Gruop, Singtel Group, Smart Communication, Etisalat, Omantel, Digi and others. **All components are written in C++ and available via wide range of interfaces.

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