Corpacero adopts Senzary’s RotaryIQ solution for predictive maintenance and remote machine management.

Corpacero is a steel plant in Barranquilla, Colombia with experience in manufacturing and supplying metallic products for large projects. They are big proponents of industrial development and progression, in addition to providing a quality service for their customers, making the adoption of IIoT an obvious next step in the company’s endeavors.

Last year, Corpacero implemented a pilot RotaryIQ, one of Senzary’s plug-and-play, innovative wireless solutions for data collection. The solution uses AI enabled, predictive maintenance sensors by nke WATTECO, integrated into the Senzary IoTLogIQ platform to provide customers with insight into their machines at a reasonable cost.

The RotaryIQ solution identified an important gearbox loosely coupled with a lamination train axis. The issue was visualized on the IoTLogIQ platform using graphs, making it easy for Corpacero to find the issue and resolve it.

CEO, Eric Schummer, presented this success case at the LoRaWAN World Expo in Ft. Lauderdale and was awarded the T-Mobile Best In Production Growth award.

Gaining insights to prevent losses.

Senzary’s RotaryIQ solution is easy to install and quickly receives problem indications through its vibration and ultrasound monitoring capabilities, so the problem at Corpacero was fixed with no stoppage and the plant resumed regular operations the same day.

This saved the company +$32K in revenue loss, repair costs, plug-and-play, and HR resources. +$20k was saved by reusing the IoT network for other projects. Fortunately, predictive maintenance allows for safety compliance and preemptive corrective actions, resulting in 0 casualties because of the company’s quick response to the data on our platform.

The sensors based on wireless technology, paired with LoRaWAN, simplified the roll-out and provided long-range capabilities. Additionally, Corpacero’s large factory benefited from the absence of cables running through the facility.

Now, Corpacero no longer has to worry about uncalled-for stops and injuries in their facilities after their implementation of RotaryIQ. The nke WATTECO, BOB vibration-temperature-accelerator analysis sensors detect the abnormalities and process data through to the IoTLogIQ platform. Facility managers are now able to identify changes in the operating status of their machines and predict oncoming failures.