Asset and temperature tracking has never been tinier.

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Introducing the world’s smallest disposable location and temperature tracker.

Temperature fluctuations can jeopardize the quality and safety of your products, resulting in spoilage, waste, and even health risks. That’s why the NanoTrack Service by Senzary provides precise and reliable temperature monitoring, preventing any loss of quality or value and ensuring your products are of the highest standard.

The NanoTrack Service Across Industries


Use Case


  • A seafood company couldn’t monitor the temperature of rejected loads because customers removed monitors on arrival and wouldn’t share logs regularly, causing losses of up to $500k.


  • The seafood company added Nanotags to all loads bound for high-rejection distribution centers. They began receiving temperature and location data, allowing them to determine if a rejection was warranted per their policy.
  • NanoTags are no longer removed from loads upon arrival, so they monitor the load back to the origin facility if a load is rejected.
  • Now, the seafood company can verify if the load maintained a suitable temperature during the journey, and salvage and resell rejected loads.

Motor Monitoring

Use Case


  • A Fortune 100 company was losing millions of dollars per year due to motorized equipment failures. Their distribution centers and retail stores rely heavily on motorized machinery like conveyor belts, gearboxes, pumps, refrigerators, etc. A single point of failure could cripple a facility’s operations for days.


  • The company attached Nanotags to each motor to monitor their temperature remotely.
  • The NanoTags were configured to send a temperature reading every hour, and a high-temperature threshold of 140°F was set.
  • If a NanoTag ever reported a temperature higher than 140°F, an alarm would trigger in their system, alerting them that a motor was in immediate need of attention.

Warehouse Asset Tracking

Use case


  • A Fortune 500 company was experiencing a high amount of theft from its distribution centers.
  • They suspected that the theft was committed by workers, but they could not confirm it without catching the thief in the act.


  • NanoTags were discreetly placed inside high-value items at the distribution center before shipment, and configured to transmit every three minutes.
  • If the NanoTag detected movement outside the distribution center before shipment, the customer would have a timestamp, allowing them to identify the workers on shift and track if the items ended up at the expected destination or elsewhere.

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Fresh/Frozen Goods

Build Your Solution Around The NanoTrack Service

Track your valuable cargo, effortlessly

Keep your perishable goods safe and secure with our real-time temperature monitoring solution. Receive customized notifications whenever there are critical changes in temperature, helping you prevent damage and reduce spoilage. Our technology measures key factors such as Leakage, Humidity, CO2, and Lux to ensure optimal conditions for your goods, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your supply chain operations.

The Nanotag
The Nanotag

Discover issues along the way

By recording temperature readings along the route and flagging any breaches of safe levels, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of how their goods are being transported and identify areas for improvement, helping reduce spoilage and enhance overall efficiency.

How it works

The Nanotag

Globally Capable

Stay informed about the status of your goods, no matter where they are on the map, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your supply chain.

Long Battery Life

NanoTags are designed to last, providing continuous tracking and ensuring the safety of your items without any battery issues along the way.

Low Cost

IoT temperature monitoring offers a budget-friendly solution for businesses seeking to monitor temperature-sensitive goods. Keep a watchful eye on your inventory without breaking the bank, and avoid costly spoilage and damage.


Buttons add cost and user confusion. Users are 90% more likely to configure a device incorrectly when buttons are present.

Activation Tab

The activation tab has a dual purpose. First and foremost, removing the activation tab activates the NanoTag. Secondly, the activation tab can be attached to paperwork as proof of use.

Flexible Substrate

100 micron thick PET film provides mechanical flexibility without compromising tensile strength or durability.

The Nanotag

NTSS Certified

The NanoTag is the first sensor powered by the NanoThings Sensor Standard (NTSS)

Hybrid Printed Manufacturing

The Nanotag uses an innovative hybrid printing process, developed and patented by NanoThings. This process allows for 10 times the scalability of traditional electronics manufacturing by printing key components like the antenna and circuitry on a flexible substrate, reducing size and cost while maintaining mechanical flexibility. Non-printable components, like the silicon and ultra-thin flexible battery, are then surface mounted. The end result is a significantly smaller, more eco-friendly, and cost-effective device.

LoRaWAN Ready

The NanoTag has been extensively tested and commercially deployed across LoRaWAN in North America, Europe, and Asia. For North America, the NanoTag also comes FCC certified*.

*Any changes to the antenna, chip, or any other RF components of the NanoTag may void FCC certification.

The most versatile location tracker and temperature sensor

Temperature Sensor

Operating Range: -30°C to 60°C
Typical Accuracy (max): ± 0.5 °C (-10 °C to +60 °C)
Resolution: 0.1°C
Notes: The NanoTag can be equipped with different temperature sensors. A full list of compatible sensors is available in the NanoTag integration documentation.


Capacity: 600mAh
Chemistry: LiMnO2
Safety Standards: IEC 60086-4/GB 8897.4, IEC 62281
Notes: The NanoTag can operate on any battery chemistry that meets the minimum supply voltage requirements.


Memory Type: Non-volatile flash
Storage Capacity: 24,000 temperature readings.


Measurements (max): 98 x 130 x 1.5 (mm)
Weight: 6.5 grams
Notes: Thickness of the NanoTag varies between 200 micron and 1.5mm. The thickest elements of the NanoTag are the SIP and battery.
Dimensions can be modified.


Inner Film: PET
Release Liner: 3M 467MP
Top Laminate: Neschen Solvoprint Performance 80 Nolite
Notes: Although the NanoTag is flexible, it is not recommended to bend the NanoTag.
The NanoTag can be manufactured without release liner for applications that require easy removal or direct contact with food or water.

Communication Interface

Protocol: LoRaWAN
Regions: US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan
Band: Sub-GHz ISM
Output Power (max): 20dBm

Cold Chain Monitoring

Cold chain monitoring for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and more.

Inventory Monitoring

Autonomous, scalable inventory monitoring.

Asset Tracking

Cost effective asset tracking without heavy installations.

Parcel Tracking

Anti-tampering protection, open notifications, and confirmed arrivals made possible.

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging made possible. Especially great for reusable packaging.

Facility Monitoring

Simple and scalable facility temperature mapping

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