An innovation in wireless Predictive Management

Our RotaryIQ solution is the first Plug and Play, industrial quality, WIRELESS data collection system including preprocessing, early fault detection, fault detection, time to failure prediction, for proper maintenance scheduling and resource optimization.

Senzary predictive maintenance solution combines machine learning algorithms and advanced sensor technology to prevent machine failures. Predictive Maintenance allows for safety compliance, preemptive corrective actions, and increased asset life by looking ahead and knowing what failure is likely to occur, enabling to perform pre-emptive investigations, maintenance schedule adjustments, and repairs before the asset fails.

RotaryIQ has the ability to use volumes of data to anticipate and address potential issues before they lead to breakdowns in operations, processes, services, or systems.
RotaryIQ straightforward approach: Use the data your machines produce already. …Start standard, then let the algorithms improve themselves. … Leverage the cloud to analyze at scale. … Set up insights and alerts to utilize your engineering resource better.

Rotary IQ is for motors and rotary equipment maintenance managers to avoid downtimes, expensive repairs, and technician services through innovative 24/7 wireless monitoring of vibration, ultrasound, shock, triaxial movements, and temperature. Provides real-time and historical data for better control over equipment efficiency, availability, effectiveness, and more. Add power+ option and control all related electrical signals such as V, A, Kwh, Kvar, Reactive, Active, and more. Across multiple machines, across multiple locations.

Anticipate failures and plan for effective maintenance

Make the most of our end-to-end grid monitoring system that paves the way for efficient consumption, proper load distribution, adequate voltage quality, tariff control and more.

Main Features

Avoid breakdowns causing most downtimes!  RotaryIQ monitoring solutions and techniques will help you increase your productivity  and lower considerably your maintenance costs and reap exponential benefits.

Greater cost-effectiveness

Constant inspections and checkups “to check “can dig a deep hole in your cash flow. With RotaryIQ, you have access to hands-on data that helps you save costs and expand your bottom line by maintaining only when necessary and when a problem is building up.

Minimum failures

Identify potential equipment problems before they arise to prevent failures. This way, you can keep your equipment in check without the need for constant repairs.

Reduce disruptions

Is your equipment the reason for disruptions? Through RotaryIQ’s PdM, you can enjoy maximum uptime. We guarantee that your downtime will be reduced by +12%  when you incorporate RotaryIQ and PowerIQ on your production lines

Increased equipment longevity

Why pay for new equipment when you can extend the longevity of what you currently use? With  RotaryIQ you are guaranteed to increase equipment longevity keeping your investment, replacement, and repair costs low.

Key Features


The IOTLogIQ can also connect to your legacy data and equipment via traditional digital, analog signals using  RS-485 and Modbus connections. Our radios can turn any sensor into wireless and transmit for miles .


Senzary only charges per connected device. Clients are only required to pay for their share of the technology as opposed to a large project or investment.


Even when we have created pre-designed solutions for quick turnaround , Everything can be customized to complement your company’s specific needs.

Plug and play

No need for manual reconfigurations. All you need to do is connect the gateway to the router  and all the work is performed remotely.

Budget-friendly Starter Kit

If curious or skeptic try the evaluation  starter kit  to know why our solutions are an excellent fit for your organization.


Works for several months without recharging (battery included).


By default Communicates using the standard LoRaWAN® protocol: perfectly suited for IoT, long-distance communication, and very low power consumption. Can also use wi-fi, SIM cards, or wired protocols such as Rs-485-ethernet or OPC

Secure by design

Some sensors store data and send only encrypted reports with the results of its analysis or visualize data on IoTLogIQ. Other sensors send al the detail for deep analysis or evaluation.


In the event of a drift or unexpected problem, it alerts you, allowing you to take action and reduce downtime.

Prediction and Anomaly detection

Real-time analytics, micro-trend heartbit analysis. Senzary provide continued machine performance also lowering operational and maintenance costs while avoiding potential risk or dangerous situations.


Leverage the power of machine learning and AI

Our AI technologies help optimize your machinery by putting corrective measures into practice with potent workflows that assist in the diagnosis of potential problems.

Wireless LoraWan devices and network servers

6 miles in the outdoors and 100- 500m inside buildings

RS485 Modbus gateways to derive data from PLCS and historians

Really simple to use

Analysis platform accessible from any smart device fromany part of the world and warnings via sms or e-mail.

Simple, Effective, affordable…

One Solution Includes All That Is Required To Reduce Unplanned Downtime In More Than 30%. Our AI technologies help optimize your machinery by putting corrective measures into practice with powerful workflows that assist in the diagnosis of potential problems.

Real Applications

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