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Energy Monitoring for Industrial

A new meaning to energy utilization, helping you shift to intelligent ways of consumption, you can gain deeper insight into your business’s energy habits and streamline them to your benefit.

Energy Monitoring for Office Buildings

End-to-end grid monitoring system that paves the way for efficient consumption, proper load distribution, adequate voltage quality for Office Buildings.



Reduce energy costs by 20%

Remote meter reading and data analysis: gas, heat, water, etc. Indoor microclimate monitoring: temperature, humidity, CO2. PowerIQ is easy to install, no additional infrastructure is required and the date accuracy is above industry average.

How it Work: Energy Monitoring for


Our offering encompasses an End-2-End IoT service provider (IOTSP) delivering a flexible, secure, scalable, and multi-purpose middleware solution for building industrial IoT integrated solutions through a global infrastructure.

Electricity consumption monitoring at every stage of production.

Calculate cost of electricity in overall cost.

Production equipment load monitoring.

Warnings of production equipment operation.


How it Work: Energy monitoring for

Office Building

We’ve helped companies worldwide overcome their challenges and successfully implement many projects focused on efficiency, savings, visibility, and improved management.

Electricity parameters and consumption analysis.

Detailed records by consumers.

Warning system for unwanted consumption.

Voltage quality monitoring.

Main Features

Get recommendations and warnings, personalized reports that help you make timely and data-driven decisions.




Budget-friendly Starter Kit

Plug and play: Magnetic Voltage connector

Do not need to invest

Key Features

  • Find out the connection power that is required.
  • Get an optimal electricity tariff plan.
  • Control reactive power from your grid.
  • Create compliance reports, monitor the power factor.
  • Power management monitoring within the ISO 50001.
  • Manage and record the quality of electric power.
  • Understand the trends and predict consumption or production based on equipment utilization and power consumption.

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