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An extensive range of multi-sensor [ rugged industrial] devices to complement predictive maintenance in business environments. These are based on vibration and ultrasound technologies that help you understand the performance of your equipment as it operates. So, you get all the data you need for analysis and create alerts, and predictions, created through raw data and the sensors proprietary sensing algorithms

With a key array of models: indoor, outdoor, and explosive or hazardous environments (ATEX Zone1), all devices are resilient and long-lasting. They detect machinery problems even in harsh environments or hazardous surroundings. Asystom maximizes computing intelligence in a way like no other, combining multiple types of readings.

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Predictive Maintenance Use Cases

Asystom Sensors & Solutions

AsystomPredict sensors have been installed across many industries since 2018.  Customers are satisfied that the solution provides timely alerts and accurate issues identification resulting in increased productivity

The IoTlogIQ solution allows us to monitor our entire plant remotely without any human intervention.  The system together with its alert setup is easy to use with its modular, ergonomic design and allows us to track a wide range of parameters.  The approach is different from traditional vibration implementation but it gives very relevant outcomes” – Simon Boone, Ajinomoto Engineering Manager

Summary Of Case Studies

Trimet Mining (Aluminum)
Ajinomoto Animal Feed Food Industry
AccelorMittal Mining (Steel)
Renault Automobile
Various Mining (Steel)
Water Treatment
Food Industries
Industrial Mobile Vehicles
Asystom Sensors & Solutions

Full Remote Predictive Maintenance

Asystom Sensors & Solutions

Continuous real time, 24×7 monitoring and integrated multi-sensors data enables unparalleled failure prediction that’s easily monitor remotely from any web-enabled device or alert via smartphone.  No more monthly plant walkabout to collect data!

Asystom Sensors & Solutions

Industrial digitalization

Asystom Sensors & Solutions

Asystom appoints Senzary as its Master Dealer in the USA and Latin America

Asystom and Senzary are delighted to announce an international partnership. Senzary will provide Asystom’s
predictive maintenance technology to distributors, resellers, and end-users, focusing on the mining, metal,
water, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, utilities, and oil and gas industries of the USA and Latin America
(excluding Brazil). Senzary will support specialist resellers in each of these sectors, enabling end-users to
optimize their operations, productivity, and sustainability.

Senzary is an Industrial IoT service provider focused on end-to-end, pre-integrated solutions for everyday
problems in industrial environments. Senzary’s secure IoTLogIQ technology provides real-time data processing,
business & advanced analytics, AI/Machine Learning, enabling their partners to cost-effectively address any
digital transformation project. For over 20 years, Senzary has helped companies worldwide overcome their
challenges and successfully implement many projects focused on efficiency, savings, visibility, and improved
management. With the tools and flexibility they have assembled within the Senzary platforms and services,
they can take a business to a whole new level in considerably less time and cost. Typically, they can reduce a
client’s unplanned downtime by 30% and generate a 12% reduction in maintenance costs.

The Asystom solution monitors and analyses any rotating machine and helps to predict anomalies wirelessly and
non-intrusively with a simple plug-and-play installation. Asystom’s sensors monitor not only heat and vibration
but uniquely ultrasound, too, meaning customers have the earliest possible alert of drift (before any damage
has occurred). They run on standard batteries (so no need for additional wiring) for up to 10 years without
intervention. Data is processed at the Edge and can be incorporated easily into a company’s existing corporate


Easy installation, no wiring nor configuration required.

No need to recharge for months.

Cloud-based integrations supported.

Unlimited storage space and time.

Certified Ex design even in hazardous situations.

Connected to a scalable environment.

Data accuracy - above industry average.

Devices with embedded machine learning- Predict on site.

Why choose our sensors and solutions?


Wireless means you never have to worry about detangling any wires to transfer data with  LORAWAN solutions,  or Rs-485 to WIFI or LORA.


Senzary charges you for what you use. Clients are only required to pay for their share of the technology.


There are no standard solutions at Senzary. Everything can be customized to complement your company’s specific needs.

Plug and play

No need for manual reconfigurations. All you need to do is connect and use our solutions whenever you want.

Budget-friendly Starter Kit

Try the starter kit before investing in the complete package to know why our solutions are an excellent fit for your organization.


RotaryIQ is the result of international partnerships with best-of-breed products, which are installed in companies like  MICHELIN, ARCELORMITTAL,  RENAULT, VEOLIA,  and so many others.  Try our services Risk-Free.

  • We will make a full refund of your purchase if after the trial period you decide it’s not for you.

Get the right performance from

your machinery by partnering with Senzary.

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Asystom Sensors & Solutions